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This function takes a table, and for every unque value of one field, plots the values of other specified fields against eachother. For example, you might QC you catch table by species - in which case, for every different species, you might plot the TOTNO vs the TOTWGT.


qc_fieldvalues(qc.df = NULL, field.master = NULL,
  field.master.values = NULL, fields.qc = NULL, min.n = 5)



default is NULL. This identifies the name of the table you want to plot values from.


default is NULL. This identifies the field you want to generates plots by. In the example above, this would be SPECIES. param field.master.values default is NULL. In cases where you only want to QC a few different potential values forfield.master, you can specify them here.


default is NULL. If you are only interested in a few values of your field.master, you can enter them as a vector here (e.g. a couple years, or a list of species codes, etc)


default is NULL. This is a vector of between 2 and 5 fields you want to plot against eachother. If left blank, and there are less than 6 fields, they will all be plotted.


default is 5. This is the minimum number of values you need before plots will be done


Mike McMahon, Mike.McMahon@dfo-mpo.gc.ca

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