This package constitutes an interactive R problem set based on the RTutor package (

In his paper "Automobiles on Steroids: Product Attribute Trade-Offs and Technological Progress in the Automobile Sector" Christopher R. Knittel (2012) estimates the technological progress that occured since 1980 and the trade-offs faced when choosing between different attributes such as weight, fuel economy or engine power characteristics.

The paper can be found at .

To be able to work through this problem set, follow the steps listed below.

1. Installation

RTutor and this package is hosted on Github. To install everything, run the following code in your R console.

if (!require(devtools))


2. Show and work on the problem set

To start the problem set first create a working directory in which files like the data sets and your solution will be stored. Then adapt and run the following code.


# Adapt your working directory to an existing folder
# Adapt your user name"Jon Doe", package="RTutorAttributeTradeOffs",
       load.sav=TRUE, sample.solution=FALSE)

If everything works fine, a browser window should open, in which you can start exploring the problem set.

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