Man pages for MarkEdmondson1234/gtmR
Google Tag Manager API into R

checkPrefixcheck it starts with ga: and if not puts it on
error.messageGet the error message
gtm_authAuthenticate this session
gtm_change_accountChange GTM account detail
gtm_get_accountGet individual GTM account detail
gtm_get_containerGet individual GTM account detail
gtm_get_variablesGet GTM variables
gtm_list_accountsList GTM accounts
gtm_list_containersList GTM accounts
gtm_list_variablesList GTM variables
is.errorIs this a try error?
is.NullObA helper function that tests whether an object is either NULL...
listNameToDFColAdd name of list entry of dataframe to dataframe colum
rmNullObsRecursively step down into list, removing all such objects
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