Man pages for MarkEdmondson1234/stripeR
Interface for Stripe API for R

balanceGet the balance of your Stripe account
balance_historyGet the balance history of your Stripe account
balance_transactionGet the balance transaction
cancel_subscriptionCancel a subscription
capture_chargeCapture a charge
charge_cardCharge a credit card
checkRequestCheck request content
create_bank_tokenCreate a bank account token
create_card_tokenCreate a card token
create_customerCreate a customer
create_subscriptionCreate a subscription for a customer
delete_customerDelete a customer
do_requestDo a request
error.messageGet the error message
get_chargeRetieve a charge
get_customerRetrieve a customer
get_subscriptionRetrieve a subscription
get_tokenRetrieve a token
is.errorIs this a try error?
list_chargesList all charges
list_customersList all customers
list_subscriptionsList a customer's subscriptions
make_metaMake Metadata keys
retryRequestRetry API requests for certain errors using exponential...
stripeR_authR6 environment to store authentication credentials
stripeR_initSet global configurations
stripeRShinyUIstripeRShiny UI
stripeShinyInitStripe Shiny status object
update_chargeUpdate a charge
update_customerUpdate a customer
update_subscriptionUpdate a subscription for a customer
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