Man pages for Martin-Jung/naturepackage
Functions to run naturemap on a new computer

alignRastersAllign raster data by bringing it in the same geometry and...
emptyrasterCreate a empty raster based on a provided layer
extent_expandExpand an extent by a certain number
grapes-notin-grapesInverse of 'in' function call
latlong2UTMzoneConvert Longitude / Latitude to UTM zone
max_extentUnify extent of a rasterstack
myLogCustom logging function for scripts
normalizeNormalize a vector by minimum and maximum
normalize_rasterNormalize a raster by it's range
projectMollWeideProject a given rasterlayer to Mollweide projection
readRDS.gzLoad rds files in parallel
save_plotSave a ggplot object in multiple output formats
saveRDS.gzWrite rds files in parallel
setdiff2Show difference between two vectors
split_rasterSplit a given raster layer into multiple parts This is done...
writeGeoTiffSave a compressed Geotiff file
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