Man pages for MartinLiermann/coastalCohoSS

createDefaultPriorscreate default model priors
createInitValsFunccreate function that generates initial values for the Grand...
createJAGScodecreates the JAGS code for the model
createJAGSdatacreate a data list for the JAGS models
expandAllDataExpands data to include all years and observations for all...
expandDataExpands data to include all years and observations.
fillGapsfills gaps in a series
fillGapsKernfills gaps in a series using neighbors
getPostDrawsget posterior draws from a model object
getPosteriorSummaryget table summarizing the posterior distributions for the...
getRhata function to retrieve the Rhat values from the model object
helloHello, World!
invLogitinverse logit function
logitlogit function
plotAgePlot predicted vs observed age composition.
plotEscPlot predicted vs observed escapement.
plotParamPlot a parameter by year and population.
plotPostPlot posteriorsDists.
plotXYplots two variables against each other
predictValGenerate model predictions based on the posterior
simulateDataSimulate data based on the fitted model
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