Man pages for MartinRoth/evanHelpers
Helpers for Extreme Value Analysis of Natural Hazards

ConvertBboxToSpatialPolygonBbox to SpatialPolygons object
CreateCorrespondingSpatialPointsReturns appropriate SpatialPoints obeject for lon lat coords
declusterSimpleSeparationDeclustering using a simple separation time
FindClosestGridPointsReturn closest grid point
gClipClip spatial geometry to bounding box
GetBoxCoxAdjustmentPrepare for Box-Cox transformation
GetGamlssTrendComputes change using gamlss
GetNormCovariateObtain new normalized covariates
IsLonLatPointInAreaWrapper for IsPointInArea for lat lon data
IsPointInAreaDetermines wether spatial points are in area or not
SetNormCovariateNormalizes covariates
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