Man pages for MartinRoth/knmiR
Import KNMI Data

ClipQuakesSelect earthquakes over area
EarthquakesLoads the KNMI earthquake catalogue
EarthquakesBoundaryBoxEarthquakes maximal domain
EOBSImports EOBS data
EOBSLocalImport EOBS data from local file
getInformationInformation about KnmiData object
GroningenGroningen reservoir boundaries
HomogenizedPrecipitationObtains Brandsma series for specified station and period
HomogenPrecipObtains homogenized precipitation data
IsInAreaIs point in area?
KISExtract data from KIS
KnmiDataGenerate a KNMI data object
knmiRknmiR: A package to import and KNMI data
stationMetaDataHomogenized precipitation station meta data
StudyAreaCreate study area sp from coordinates
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