Man pages for MartinRoth/visDec
Visibility Detection from Cameras

DetectEdgesDetect edges
DetectMeanEdgesReturn mean number of edges
FileNameParserExtracts name and date time from filename
FilterDayLightHoursFilter the lighthours given the information of the station...
GetAtmosphereObtains atmosphere light
GetDarkChannelObtains the dark channel
GetFractalDimFractal dimension of numeric vector or cimg
GetHorizAvgTransObtains the dark horizontal average transmission
GetRadianceObtains radiance
GetSunTimesFind the sunrise and sunset times given a date and lon lat...
GetTransmissionObtains transmission
HorizontalAverageTransmissionObtains horizontal average from transmission
ImageFeaturesReturn image features
IsDayLightImageWich images are between sunrise and sunset?
ReadMORSensorDataRead MOR data files
SynchronizeSensorPictureSynchronize the sensor reading to picture acquisition time
TimeWindowFilterFilter the images based on the time window of interest
TransmissionChangepointObtains change point of transmission
TransmissionSmoothnessSmoothness of transmission
UniqueDaysPerStationFinds if an observation falls into the day time or not
WindowFilterDayLightHoursFilter the lighthours given the information of the station...
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