Man pages for MatMatt/MODIS
Acquisition and Processing of MODIS Products

addCollectionAdd New Product to MODIS Collections
addProductAdd New Product to MODIS Inventory
addServerAdd New Remote Server to MODIS Inventory
aggIntervalCreate Periods for Temporal Composites
arcStatsGet Summary of Local MODIS Data
delHdfDelete Local MODIS Grid Files
detectBitInfoList MODIS Quality Information
extractDateExtract Dates from (MODIS) Files
fileSizeGet Size of File(s)
genTileGenerate Global Tiling System
getCollectionGet Available Collections of MODIS Product(s)
getHdfCreate or Update Local Subset of Online MODIS Data Pool
getProductCheck and Create Product-Related Information
getSdsList SDS Layers in an .HDF File
getTileGet MODIS Tile ID(s)
lpdaacLoginCreate File with Earthdata Login Credentials
makeWeightsExtract Bit-Encoded Information and Create Weights Raster
minorFunsMinor MODIS Package Functions
MODISextent-classClass MODISextent
MODISoptionsSet or Retrieve Permanent MODIS Package Options
MODIS-packageMODIS Acquisition and Processing
orgStrucReorganise MODIS Files in Local Data Archive
orgTimeHandle Input and Output Dates Used for Filtering
preStackOrganise (MODIS) Files in Preparation for Stacking
reformatDOYReformat MODIS "composite_day_of_the_year" SDS
repDoyRepair MODIS "composite_day_of_the_year" SDS
runGdalProcess MODIS HDF with GDAL
runMrtRun MODIS Reprojection Tool with Specified Parameters
smooth.spline.rasterFilter Time Series Imagery with a Cubic Spline
temporalCompositeCalculate MODIS Composite Images
transDateMODIS Date Conversion and Testing
whittaker.rasterFilter Vegetation Index with Modified Whittaker Approach
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