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Companion R Package For The Guide 'Doing Meta-Analysis in R'

direct.evidence.plotPlot for direct evidence proportions in a network...
dmetardmetar: Companion R package for the guide 'Doing...
eggers.testPerform Egger's test of the intercept
find.outliersFind Statistical Outliers in a Meta-Analysis
gosh.diagnosticsIdentify studies contributing to heterogeneity patterns found...
InfluenceAnalysisInfluence Diagnostics Plot
m.goshGOSH plot dataset
mlm.variance.distributionCalculate I^2 and the variance distribution for multilevel...
multimodel.inferencePerform multimodel inference on a meta-regression model
MVRegressionDataToy Dataset for Multivariate Meta-Regression
NetDataGemtcToy Dataset for Network Meta-Analysis using the gemtc package
NetDataNetmetaToy Dataset for Network Meta-Analysis using the netmeta...
NNTCalculate the number needed to treat (NNT)
pcurvePerform a _P_-curve analysis
pool.groupsPool the results of two treatment arms
power.analysisA priori power calculator
power.analysis.subgroupA priori power calculator for subgroup contrasts
rob.summaryCreate a RevMan-style risk of bias summary chart
se.from.pCalculate the standard error from the effect size and p-value
subgroup.analysis.mixed.effectsSubgroup analysis using a mixed-effects model
sucraCalculate the Surface Under the Cumulative Ranking score of...
ThirdWave'Third-Wave' cognitive behavioral interventions for perceived...
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