auditdata is an R package to perform a quality check on a table.


You can install auditdata from github using the devtools package :



The main function of this package, qualityCheck, computes the number of missing values by variable and, depending on the type of the variable, other data quality key indicators.

Percenttiles are computed for numeric variables. For categorical variables a frequency table of the unique values is returned.

An excel report is rendered using the openxlsx package. The styles are defined within the function, to modify the styles, edit the function and manually change it.

Use ?qualityCheck to see the documentation of the function.


# load your data

This package is typically used before an analysis. After a table has been loaded into R, it may be necessary to perform a quality check on the data, namely to know the number of missing values by columns, the levels of categorical columns and their frequency ...

The function qualityCheck computes some indicators of the global quality of a dataset and produces an excel report with all the information.

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