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Create ggplot2 charts in the Grattan Institute style.

See the grattantheme vignette to learn how to make your ggplot2 charts Grattan-y.

Install grattantheme

The grattantheme package needs to be downloaded and installed from Github. The easiest way to do this is with the devtools package. If you don’t have the devtools package, install it:


Once devtools is installed, you can download and install grattantheme as follows:

devtools::install_github("mattcowgill/grattantheme", dependencies = TRUE, upgrade = "always")

Once grattantheme is installed, you can load it the same way you normally load an R package:


Make your charts look nice

See the grattantheme vignette for a more complete guide.

Use theme_grattan() to format your ggplot2 charts in a style consistent with the Grattan style guide, including elements such as gridline colours and line width, font size, etc. For scatter plots, theme_grattan(chart_type = "scatter") provides a black y-axis.

Use grattan_y_continuous() to set default values for your vertical axis that will work well with most Grattan charts.

Use grattan_colour_manual(n) or grattan_fill_manual(n) to format the n coloured elements of your ggplot2 plot. These functions will choose appropriately-spaced Grattan colours, ordered from either light to dark or the reverse.

The colours that will be used in your plot are:

A range of colours from the style guide (such as grattan_lightorange, grattan_red, and so on) are defined for your convenience.

Save your nice looking charts

Use grattan_save() to save your ggplot2 charts (eg. as .png or .pdf files) for use elsewhere, such as in Powerpoint, LaTeX, or the Grattan Blog, with the size and resolution set to style guide-consistent values. You can save your charts in a variety of sizes and styles (see ?grattan_save() for a list).

Use make_slide() and make_presentation() to create Powerpoint presentations from your chart(s), including editable titles and subtitles.

Use save_chartdata() to save your chart and accompanying data as a properly-formatted .xlsx workbook.

Save animated charts

Use grattan_anim_save() to save gganimate animations formatted in the Grattan style.


Some graph defaults (such as colour) will be modified during your R session; restart R to restore all defaults.

Please note that some manual modification to your chart will most likely be required in order to make it fully consistent with the style guide, just as it would in other visualisation software or Excel/Powerpoint.

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