Man pages for MattKelliher-Gibson/prepr
Functions to Prepare Data for Analysis

add_idAdd a Custom ID Column to Data Frame
Cap_and_FloorFunctions to Cap, Floor and calulate Max values
CapitalizeCapitalizes all Character Strings
clean_emailRemoves Invalid Characters from Email Addresses
clean_nameRemoves Bad and Unwated Characters and Wrods from Names
Custom_AssertionsCustom Assertions
excel_functionsFunctions that are similar to excel functions
FixNameCleans and parses combined name fields
JoinNAdplyr Join that Fills NAs
name_word_functionsFunctions that process name words
ParseWordsParse a character column into several columns
process_wordsProcess names into its components
ReadSQLRead in a text file with .sql
strip_whiteStrips all White Space from character string
TitleCasePuts Vector in Title Case
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