Man pages for MattWiener/heemodFits
Using Survival Fits with Heemod

ae_valGet (computed) values related to adverse events.
age_to_timeConvert an age-based table to a cycle-based table
compute_counts.eval_part_survCompute Count of Individual in Each State per Cycle
construct_part_surv_tibconstruct a survival object from tabular specification
cost_at_right_timeAllow assignment of a cost at a particular cycle or age
cost_iv_administrationCost of administration for an intravenous treatment
cost_iv_compound_administrationCost of administration for an intravenous treatment
define_part_survDefine Partitioned Survival
define_surv_tableDefine a survival distribution based on explicit survival...
define_wtd_surv_tablecombine multiple columns into a survival table
extract_surv_fit_metricsAdd fit metrics to a fit tibble
f_add_surv_fit_metricsCalculate additional metrics to evaluate fit of survival...
f_fit_survival_modelsFit survival models using different distributions
f_get_best_surv_modelChoose the best model out of a set based on a metric.
file-checkersCheck File Type
filter_blanksRemove Blank Rows From Table
find_least_cost_partitionFind lowest-cost way to assemble units of different sizes to...
fix_censor_colRecode censoring / event column
get_state_names.part_survget_state_names method for part_surv objects
heemodFitsheemodFits: Survival Fits Organized for Heemod
is_dosing_periodDetermine whether to dose during certain cycles.
is.wholenumberCheck Wholenumbers
linear_interpolationModel piecewise linear decline in vaccine efficacy or other...
load_surv_modelsLoad a set of survival fits
part_survs_from_surv_inputsConvert saved fits to partitioned survival objects
plot_cloglog_fit_tibbleAssemble data from a fit tibble and plot a log cumulative...
plot_fit_dataPlot fit data
plot_fit_tibbleAssemble data from a fit tibble and plot
plot.surv_objPlot general survival models
plurReturns "s" if x > 1
prepare_plot_data_from_fit_tibblePrepare fit data for plotting
read_fileRead the accepted file formats for tabular input
subtract_timesSubtract time
summary.surv_shiftSummarize surv_shift objects
survival_fits_from_tabularCreate a partitioned survival model object from tabular input
survival_from_dataTitle Get survival analysis curves from data
utility_by_time_from_deathCalculate utilities based on time before death
weighted_dose_costsCompute weighted drug cost over a distribution of...
write_fits_to_excel_from_tibbleWrite fit information to an Excel workbook.
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