Man pages for MatteoLacki/LFQBench2
Compare results of protein and peptide searches

get_smoothed_dataGet smoothed distances to reference and estimates of standard...
plot_dist_to_referencePlot distances to the reference run.
plot_proteome_mixPlot proteome data.
plot_proteome_mix2Plot proteome data.
preprocess_peptides_4_intensity_plotsPrepare peptide data for the intensity comparison plots.
preprocess_proteins_4_intensity_plotsPrepare protein data for the intensity comparison plots.
read_isoquant_peptide_reportRead an ISOQuant csv peptide report.
read_isoquant_protein_reportRead an ISOQuant protein report.
read_isoquant_simple_protein_reportRead a simple protein ISOQuant report.
simple_protein_reportAn example of a simple protein report prepared with IsoQuant.
wide2longReshape a wide report into a long format.
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