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R Energy Conversion Chain Analysis

add_edge_idsAdd edge ID numbers to an edge list
add_matnames_ieaAdd a column of matrix names to tidy data frame
add_node_idsAdd node ID numbers to an edge list
add_row_col_metaAdd row, column, row type, and column type metadata
any_start_withTell if any of a vector of strings starts with another string
calc_ACalculate 'Z', 'D', 'C', and 'A' matrices
calc_ECalculate the 'E' matrix for embodied energy calculations
calc_embodied_etasEmbodied energy efficiencies
calc_embodied_matsCalculate various embodied energy matrices
calc_ERRs_gammaCalculate energy return ratios for the gamma system boundary.
calc_eta_iCalculate industry efficiencies
calc_F_footprint_effectsUpstream footprint and downstream effects matrices
calc_GHCalculate the 'G' and 'H' matrices for embodied energy...
calc_io_matsCalculate several input-output matrices
calc_LCalculates total requirements matrices ('L_pxp' and 'L_ixp')
calc_MCalculate embodied energy matrices
calc_yqfgWCalculate 'y', 'f', 'g', and 'q' vectors and the 'W' matrix
combine_RVCombine resource ('R') and make ('V') matrices into a make...
dataData pronoun
edge_listCreate an edge list
finaldemand_aggregatesFinal demand aggregate energy
finaldemand_aggregates_IEAFinal demand aggregate energy from IEA tables
finaldemand_aggregates_with_unitsFinal demand aggregate energy with units
flows_unit_homogeneousTell whether industry flows (inputs and outputs) are...
inputs_outputs_unit_homogeneousTell whether industry inputs are unit-homogeneous and...
inputs_unit_homogeneousTell whether each industry's inputs are unit-homogeneous
make_sankeyMake a Sankey diagram
new_k_psAssess the effect of changing perfectly substitutable...
new_R_psAssess the effect of new levels of resources
new_YReconstruct an economy given a new final demand matrix
node_listCreate a node list
outputs_unit_homogeneousTell whether industry outputs are unit-homogeneous
PerfectSubmatsExample energy conversion chain to demonstrate perfect...
PerfectSubtidyExample energy conversion chain to demonstrate perfect...
pipePipe operator
primary_aggregatesPrimary aggregate energy
primary_aggregates_IEATotal primary aggregate energy from IEA tables
products_unit_homogeneousTell whether ECC products are unit-homogenous
quasi-quote-assignPipe operator
resource_industriesResource industries
reverseReverse an energy conversion chain
separate_RVSeparate resource ('R') and make ('V') matrices from make...
simplify_edge_listSimplify an edge list
starts_with_any_ofTell if a string starts with any of a vector of strings
S_units_from_tidyExtract an 'S_units' matrix from a tidy data frame
UKEnergy2000matsEnergy consumption in the UK in 2000
UKEnergy2000tidyEnergy consumption in the UK in 2000
verify_IEATable_energy_balanceConfirm that an IEA-style data frame conserves energy.
verify_SUT_energy_balanceConfirm that an SUT-style data frame conserves energy.
verify_SUT_energy_balance_with_unitsConfirm that an SUT-style data frame conserves energy.
verify_SUT_industry_productionConfirm that all Industries in an SUT-style data frame...
waste_edgesCreate waste energy edges for an edge map
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