Man pages for MatthewHeun/byname
An Implementation of Matrix Mathematics

abs_bynameAbsolute value of matrix elements
all_bynameAre all matrix elements 'TRUE'?
and_bynameAnd "by name"
any_bynameAre any matrix elements 'TRUE'?
binaryapply_bynameApply a binary function "by name"
clean_bynameCleans (deletes) rows or columns of matrices that contain...
colprods_bynameColumn products, sorted by name
colsums_bynameColumn sums, sorted by name
coltypeColumn type
compare_bynameCompare matrix entries to a value
complete_and_sortComplete matrices relative to one another and sort into same...
complete_rows_colsComplete rows and columns in one matrix relative to another
count_vals_bynameCount the number of matrix entries that meet a criterion
count_vals_incols_bynameCount the number of matrix entries in columns that meet a...
count_vals_inrows_bynameCount the number of matrix entries in rows that meet a...
cumapply_bynameApply a function cumulatively to a list of matrices or...
cumprod_bynameCumulative element-product that respects row and column names
cumsum_bynameCumulative sum that respects row and column names
difference_bynameName-wise subtraction of matrices
elementapply_bynameApply a function to an element of a matrix specified by rows...
equal_bynameCompare two matrices "by name" for equality
exp_bynameExponential of matrix elements
fractionize_bynameCompute fractions of matrix entries
geometricmean_bynameName- and element-wise geometric mean of two matrices.
getcolnames_bynameGets column names
getrownames_bynameGets row names
hadamardproduct_bynameName-wise matrix Hadamard multiplication
hatinv_bynameHatize and invert a vector
hatize_bynameCreates a diagonal "hat" matrix from a vector
identical_bynameCompare two matrices "by name" for exact equality
identize_bynameNamed identity matrix or vector
Iminus_bynameSubtract a matrix with named rows and columns from a suitably...
invert_bynameInvert a matrix
iszero_bynameTest whether this is the zero matrix
list_of_rows_or_colsNamed list of rows or columns of matrices
logarithmicmean_bynameName- and element-wise logarithmic mean of matrices
log_bynameLogarithm of matrix elements
logmeanLogarithmic mean of two numbers
make_listMakes a list of items in x, regardless of x's type
make_patternCreate regex patterns for row and column selection by name
matrixproduct_bynameName-wise matrix multiplication
mean_bynameName- and element-wise arithmetic mean of matrices
naryapply_bynameApply a function "by name" to any number of operands
naryapplylogical_bynameApply a function logically to numbers, matrices, or lists of...
organize_argsOrganize binary arguments
pipePipe operator
pow_bynamePowers of matrix elements
prodall_bynameProduct of all elements in a matrix
quotient_bynameName-wise matrix element division
replaceNaN_bynameReplace NaN values with a value
rowprods_bynameRow products, sorted by name
rowsums_bynameRow sums, sorted by name
rowtypeRow type
samestructure_bynameTest whether matrices or lists of matrices have same...
select_cols_bynameSelect columns of a matrix (or list of matrices) by name
select_rows_bynameSelect rows of a matrix (or list of matrices) by name
setcolnames_bynameSets column names
setcoltypeSets column type for a matrix or a list of matrices
setrownames_bynameSets row names
setrowtypeSets row type for a matrix or a list of matrices
sort_rows_colsSorts rows and columns of a matrix
sumall_bynameSum of all elements in a matrix
sum_bynameName-wise addition of matrices
transpose_bynameTranspose a matrix by name
unaryapply_bynameApply a unary function by name
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