Man pages for MatthiasHinz/SpatialSemantics
Semantics and provenance for Spatial Statistics

addSemanticPedigreeAdds an entry to the semantic pedigree reccord of an object.
captureSemanticsShow whether a function is wrapped or not
captureSemantics-setCapture Semantics - automatically create a semantic function...
disableProvenanceEnable / disable provenance tracking
enableProvenanceEnable / disable provenance tracking
functionalTypeGet functional type of a spatio-temporal dataset
functionalType-setAssign a functional type to a spatio-temporal dataset
getDefaultCallSemanticsGet default call semantics that where defined for a wrapped...
getObjectSemanticsGet/estimate object semantics of a given object
getScriptGraphRetrieve derivation graph for export / vizalization
getSemanticPedigreeGet semantic pedigree of an object
getVersionsGet history of a variable's name bindings
provenance_historyRetrieve the list of all recorded commands
reset_provenanceReset / delete internal provenance record
rewriteReplacementFunctionRewrite replacement function
spsem_internalsRetrieves packages internals
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