Man pages for MatthieuStigler/matPkg
Mat functions to df data frame for data()
CDL_colorsCDL crop and color table
coefs_out_irisCoef out when used from mat_tidy_do
gg_helpersggplot2 helpers
iris_tbiris as tibble
is_trueis_true: vectorized isTRUE
mat_88_list_pkgsList required packages
mat_99_run_RfilesRun-check files 999 machinery
mat_add_percAdd percentage column
mat_add_row_numAdd row number
mat_add_total_colAdd rowSums over some variables
mat_add_total_rowAdd row of total
mat_cdl_colsGet relevant CDL colors
mat_check_0rowCheck 0 rows
mat_check_evenCheck number even
mat_coef_wideGet coef as wide df
mat_col_check_sameCompare if col_1 and col_2 equal
mat_col_facetColour facets of ggplot
mat_cols_changeChange column names
mat_cor_docompute correlations among all variables
mat_cor_naCor with NA
mat_cor_to_dfConvert correlation object to df
mat_count_separateCount each column separately
mat_cross_helperCrossing with helpers
mat_df_trim_quantTrim a df by quantiles
mat_enframe_wideenframe wide
mat_find_methodShow method called on object
mat_formu_to_charFormula to character
mat_geom_lmgeom_lm: enforce lm without se
mat_group_quantileCompute quantiles by group
mat_is_unique_comboWhat are combinations of dataset?
mat_join_compareCompare if datasets are equal
mat_keep_firstremove duplicated in vector
mat_li_comp_colsCompare list of names
mat_list_dirList files in a directory
mat_lm_means_tidyCompute means by lm, tidy, unnest
mat_one_of_quietUse one_of() quietly
mat_parse_yamlRead YAML header to list
mat_pdf_to_pngConvert pdf to png
matPkgmatPkg: Internal functions I use
mat_plot_coefs_tidyPlot coefficients from tidy output
mat_quant_to_dfConvert quantile() output to df
mat_remo_cols_1valRemove columns with only one value
mat_safely_unnestUnest safely
mat_show_memShow memory usage, by object, or from workspace
mat_slice_bySlice by group
mat_spread_TR_FALSESpread data with TRUE/FALSE (from count)
mat_st_readRead st silently
mat_str_to_exprConverting to expression for plots
mat_table_to_pdfConvert a table to direct pdf
mat_tidy_cleanTidy columns: . to _
mat_tidy_coef_plotFor broom coef tidy output: bar plot for coefs
mat_tidy_doTidy on a df of regs with col reg_out
mat_tidy_glanceTidy and glance together
mat_tidy_keep_estimateRemove reg details
mat_tidy_robustUse tidy() with robust vcov directly
mat_vars_uniquesTable of values of variables
nan_to_naConvert Nan to NA
quick_statsReshuffled quick stats, dirty data example
setTbSet (back) to tibble
st_as_sf.ExtentExtent to sf
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