Man pages for MaximeWack/desctable
Produce Descriptive and Comparative Tables Easily

ANOVAWrapper for oneway.test(var.equal = T) method for desctable
chisq.testPearson's Chi-squared Test for Count Data
datatableCreate an HTML table widget using the DataTables library
desctableGenerate a statistics table
fisher.testFisher's Exact Test for Count Data
flatten_desctableFlatten a desctable to a dataframe recursively
group_byGroup a tbl by one or more variables.
head_dataframeBuild the header for dataframe
head_datatableBuild the header for datatable
headerBuild header
headerListBuild a header list object
head_panderBuild the header for pander
insertInsert a vector y inside another vector x at position
IQRReturn the inter-quartile range
is.normalTest if distribution is normal
no.testNo test
pander.desctablePander method for desctable
parse_formulaParse a formula
percentReturn the percentages for the levels of a factor
pipePipe operator
print.desctablePrint method for desctable
statColumnGenerate one statistic for all variables
statifyTransform any function into a valid stat function for the...
stats_defaultFunctions to create a list of statistics to use in desctable
statTableGenerate the table of all statistics for all variables
subNamesCreate the subtables names
subTableCreate a subtable in a grouped desctable
testColumnCreate the pvalues column
testifyTransform any test function into a valid test function for...
tests_autoFunctions to choose a statistical test
varColumnGenerate the variable column to display as row names
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