Man pages for MazamaScience/PWFSLSmokePlots
Plot Utilities for the PWFSLSmoke Package

brandPlotAdd a logo to a ggplot object
custom_aqiLinesAdd AQI lines to a plot
custom_aqiStackedBarAdd AQ category stacked bars to a plot
custom_datetimeScaleAdd date scale with custom styling
custom_pm25DiurnalScalesPWFSL PM2.5 diurnal scales
custom_pm25TimeseriesScalesPWFSL PM2.5 timeseries scales
dot-nowcastCalculate NowCast values
geom_pm25PointsAdd pm25 points to a plot
ggplot_pm25DiurnalInstantiate a pm25 diurnal ggplot
ggplot_pm25TimeseriesInstantiate a pm25 timeseries ggplot
monitor_ggCalendarCalendar plot
monitor_ggClockPlotCreate a clock plot for one or more monitors
monitor_ggDailyBarplotCreate a daily barplot for one or more monitors
monitor_ggDailyByHourCreate a diurnal plot for one or more monitors
monitor_ggTimeseriesCreate a timeseries plot for one or more monitors
pipePipe operator
PWFSLSmokeDepend on PWFSLSmoke
stat_AQCategoryAdd air quality categories to a plot
stat_dailyAQCategoryAdd daily average air quality categories to a plot
stat_meanByHourAdd hourly averages to a plot
stat_nowcastAdd NowCast values to a plot
theme_clockPlot_pwfslTheme for PWFSL clock plot
theme_custom_sizeCustom styling for plots based on size
theme_dailyBarplot_pwfslTheme for PWFSL daily barplot for use in the monitoring site
theme_dailyByHour_pwfslTheme for PWFSL dailyByHour plot for use in the monitoring...
theme_pwfslTheme for PWFSL plots
theme_timeseriesPlot_pwfslTheme for PWFSL timeseries plots for use in the monitoring...
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