Man pages for McCannLab/HomogenFishOntario
Analysis for study described in DOI: 10.1111/gcb.14829

an0_retrieve_species_infoRetrieve taxonomic information.
an1_gain_lossCompute gains and losses
an2_occurrence_speciesOccurrence analysis
an4_contributions_betaContribution to beta diversity metrics
df_fishedInformation about commercial aspects of fish species
df_species_infoCharacteristics of Ontarian freshwater fish species
fig2_homogenizationDraw Figure 2
fig3_regressionsCreate figure 2 - Regressions
fig4_tableCreate figure 3
fig5_piechartsDraw Figure 5
fig6_contributions_betaDraw Figure 6
figS1_outliersDraw Figure S1
figS2_abioticDraw Figure S1
figS3_lossgainDraw Figure S3
figS4_homogenization_panelsDraw Figure S4
figS5_saturationDraw Figure S5
figS6_northwardDraw Figure S6
figS7_occupancy_trendsDraw Figure S7
figS8_boatsDraw Figure S8
figZ1_fnf_regressionsDraw Figure Z1
figZ2_coldestDraw Figure Z2
gadm_ontarioOntario boundaries
sf_bsm_ahiLake data for AHI and BSM survey
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