Man pages for MichaelFolkes/PBSperformance
Performance analysis methods, with a selection of metrics.

calcZscoreCalculate Z-score (standardized) values.
jackknifeJackknife data and run a function on the subset of data.
maeCalculate mean absolute error.
mapeCalculate mean absolute percent error.
maseCalculate mean absolute scaled error.
mpeCalculate mean percent error.
mreCalculate mean raw error.
mseCalculate mean squared error.
performancePerformance measure wrapper
PMsPerformance measures
rmseCalculate sqaure root of mean squared error.
ustat2Calculate Theil's U-statistic.
ustat2bCalculate Theil's U-statistic. Variant.
ustat2meanCalculate Theil's U-statistic standardized by benchmark...
ustat2rmspeCalculate Theil's U-statistic. Variant.
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