Man pages for MichaelJMahometa/SDSRegressionR
Helper functions for Applied Regression Analysis

addSubtitleAdd Subtitle to ggplot Object
cooksPlotCreate a Cook's Distance Plot
dfBetasReturn DFBetas or DFBeta values
histogramCreate a Histogram
insertChunkBreakInsert break in chunk.
levPlotCreate a Leverage (hat values) Plot
lmBetaStandardized Betas
lmDecompDecompose lm() Interactions
makeDummiesCreate Dummy Codes
makeEffectsCreate Effect Codes
pCorrPartial and Semipartial (Part) Correlations
predictValuesPredict Values
residFittedCreate a Residual vs. Fitted Plot
simplePlaneCreate a simple plane
simpleScatterCreate a Simple ggplot Scatter Plot
standResidPlotCreate a Standardized Residual Plot
studResidPlotCreate a Studentized Deleted Residual Plot
tagObsMark (tag) Observations in a Data Frame
threeOutsCombine All Three Common Outlier Types
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