Man pages for MichaelJMahometa/SDSRegressionR
Helper functions for Applied Regression Analysis

cooksPlotCreate a Cook's Distance Plot
dfBetasReturn DFBetas or DFBeta values
grapes-not-in-grapesNegate the '%in%' function.
histogramCreate a Histogram
insertChunkBreakInsert break in chunk.
levPlotCreate a Leverage (hat values) Plot
lmBetaStandardized Betas
lmDecompDecompose lm() Interactions
lmROSCalculate Regions of Significance for 'lm()' Interactions
lmSingleR2Return an R2 value for lm model variable
makeDummiesCreate Dummy Codes
makeEffectsCreate Effect Codes
modelDataCreate a _FULL_ dataset based on a model object
pCorrPartial and Semipartial (Part) Correlations
predictValuesPredict Values
residFittedCreate a Residual vs. Fitted Plot
simpleAnovaSimple Anova Table
simpleDescribeSimple Descriptive Statistics for Numerical Data
simplePlaneCreate a simple plane
simpleScatterCreate a Simple ggplot Scatter Plot
standResidPlotCreate a Standardized Residual Plot
studResidPlotCreate a Studentized Deleted Residual Plot
tagObsMark (tag) Observations in a Data Frame
threeOutsCombine All Three Common Outlier Types
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