dot-setup_proj_dir: Set up project directory

Description Usage Arguments Value


Get the project directory, either as supplied (if dir_proj in run_gamlss_pipeline is a character) or as created by the dir_proj parameter if its argument is a function taking its arguments from the dots of run_gamlss_pipeline.

This directory is always created, and emptied if instructed.


.setup_proj_dir(dir_proj, dir_proj_empty, params_dots)



character or function.

  • If character, then this folder is created if it doesn't exist.

  • If a function, then it should be a function that has a single argument that expects the named list produced by rlang::list2(...). This function should simply return. the project directory as a character. This folder is created if it doesn't exist.


logical. If TRUE, then the project directory is emptied before any results are saved. Default is FALSE. TODO: Wrap each of the *_fn functions so that whatever they return is saved to the correct folder.


named list. Named list returned by rlang::list2 applied to the ellipses of run_gamlss_pipeline.


A character, that is the absolute path of the project directory. Side effects are that this project directory is created if it doesn't exist and emptied if proj_dir_empty is TRUE.

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