Man pages for MikeJSeo/bnma
Bayesian Network Meta-Analysis using JAGS

blockerBeta blockers to prevent mortality after myocardial...
bnma-packagebnma: A package for network meta analysis using Bayesian...
calculate.devianceFind deviance statistics such as DIC and pD.
cardiovascularTrials of low dose and high dose statins for cardiovascular...
certolizumabTrials of certolizumab pegol (CZP) for the treatment of... network graph using igraph package
network.autocorr.diagGenerate autocorrelation diagnostics using coda package
network.autocorr.plotGenerate autocorrelation plot using coda package
network.covariate.plotMake a covariate plot
network.cumrank.tx.plotCreate a treatment cumulative rank plot
network.dataMake a network object containing data, priors, and a JAGS...
network.deviance.plotMake a deviance plot
network.forest.plotDraws forest plot
network.gelman.diagUse coda package to find Gelman-Rubin diagnostics
network.gelman.plotUse coda package to plot Gelman-Rubin diagnostic plot
network.leverage.plotMake a leverage plot
network.rank.tx.plotCreate a treatment rank plot
network.runRun the model using the network object
parkinsonsDopamine agonists as adjunct therapy in Parkinson's disease traceplot and posterior density of the result
preprocess.dataPreprocess data given user input
rank.txCreate a treatment rank table
relative.effectsFind relative effects for base treatment and comparison...
relative.effects.tableMake a summary table for relative effects
statinsTrials of statins for cholesterol lowering vs. placebo or...
sucraCalculate SUCRA result run by ''
variance.tx.effectsCalculate correlation matrix for multinomial heterogeneity...
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