Man pages for MikkoVihtakari/PlotSvalbard
PlotSvalbard - plot research data from Svalbard on maps

add_landAdd a land layer on basemaps
basemapCreate a ggplot2 basemap for plotting variables
basemap_dataCreate basemapData object for basemap plotting
basemap_limitsDefine limits for a basemap
chlorophyllChlorophyll-a recordings in Kongsfjorden
clip_bathymetryClip a bathymetry shapefile to fit a basemap
clip_shapefileClip a shape file (SpatialPolygon) using a bounding area
deg_gridDecimal degree grid from UTM projected spatial objects
deg_grid_polarDecimal degree grid from polar stereographic spatial objects
dist2landCalculate the closest distance to land for given coordinates
interpolateInterpolate a spatial 2D surface from observations
map_cmdReturn map elements for basemap
map_projectionGet the projection for a map type
map_typeGet information for a map type
meiofaunaPan-Arctic meiofauna data from Bluhm et al. 2018
npi_stationsLocation of NPI's permanent marine biological monitoring...
plot.spatIntPlot an interpolated map
PlotSvalbard-packagePlot research data from Svalbard on maps
print.basemapDataPrint decimal degree grid ('basemapData') objects
print.basemapLimitsPrint decimal degree grid ('basemapLimits') objects
print.degGridPrint decimal degree grid ('degGrid') objects
print.degGridPolarPrint decimal degree grid ('degGridPolar') objects
print.spatIntPrint 'spatInt' objects
selectSelect an element of each vector from a list
svalbard.ldSpatialPolygons object for Svalbard landshapes
theme_mapA ggplot2 theme for maps
transform_coordTransform spatial coordinates to another projection
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