Man pages for MilesMcBain/mmmisc
Miles' util functions for rad R times.

cross_paste0Create a concatenation cross product of chracter vectors
drive_download_dirDownload a folder from Google Drive
drive_fetch_allSource all drive data fetch scripts in current directory.
generate_drive_fetchGenerate an R file to fetch a folder or file from Google...
howtoHow to use a package
is_R_fileTest if a file has an rmd or R extension.
map_ifelseMap if predicate, otherwise take a value.
na_inCount NAs in Data Frame
order_as_perOrder levels in factor as per some example string
P0PEPaste0, Parse, Eval
rendRender an Rmd file in directory
rm_likeRemove variables with names like this
webdocsOpen URL(s) for a package from it's description file.
whelpWeb Help
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