plot.sad: Plot species abundance distributions

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Plot species abundance distributions


Plot species abundance distributions


## S3 method for class 'sad'
plot(x, ..., method = c("octave", "rank"))



Vector with species abundances (integer vector)


Additional graphical parameters used in graphics::plot or barplot


Plotting method, partial match to "octave" or "rank"


With method = "octave" a histogram showing the number species in several abundance classes is generated. The abundance class are a simplified version of the "octaves" suggested by Preston (1948), which are based on log2-binning. The first abundance class includes species with 1 individual, the second with 2, the third with 3-4, the fourth with 5-8, etc.

With method = "rank" rank-abundance curve is generated with species abundance rank on the x-axis (descending) and species abundance on the y-axis (Hubbell 2001).


This function is called for its side effects and has no return value.


Preston 1948. The Commonness, and rarity, of species. Ecology 29(3):254-283.

Hubbell 2001. The unified neutral theory of biodiversity and biogeography. Princeton University Press.


abund1 <- sim_sad(s_pool = 100, n_sim = 10000, sad_type = "lnorm",
                  sad_coef = list("cv_abund" = 1))
plot(abund1, method = "octave")
plot(abund1, method = "rank")

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