Man pages for ModelOriented/DALEX
Descriptive mAchine Learning EXplanations

apartmentsApartments Data
colors_drwhyDrWhy color palettes for ggplot objects
dragonsDragon Data
explainCreate Model Explainer
feature_responseCalculate Marginal Response for a Single Feature
HRHuman Resources Data
install_dependenciesInstall all dependencies for the DALEX package
loss_functionsCalculate Loss Functions
model_infoExract info from model
model_performanceCalculate Model Performance
plot.feature_response_explainerPlot Marginal Model Explanations (Single Variable Responses)
plot.model_performance_explainerPlot Model Performance Explanations
plot.prediction_breakdown_explainerPlot Break Down Explanations (Single Prediction)
plot.variable_importance_explainerPlot Variable Importance Explanations
plot.variable_response_explainerPlot Marginal Model Explanations (Single Variable Responses)
predictCalculate Predictions for Explainer
prediction_breakdownCalculate Break Down Explanations
print.descriptionPrint Natural Language Descriptions
print.explainerPrint Explainer Summary
print.model_infoPrint model_info
print.model_performance_explainerPrint Model Performance Summary
theme_drwhyDrWhy Theme for ggplot objects
titanicPassengers and Crew on the RMS Titanic Data
update_dataUpdate data of an explainer object
update_labelUpdate label of explainer object
variable_importanceCalculate Feature Importance Explanations as Loss from...
variable_responseCalculate Marginal Response Explanations for a Single...
yhatWrap Various Predict Functions
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