Man pages for ModelOriented/DALEXtra
Extension for 'DALEX' Package

aspect_importanceCalculates the feature groups importance (called aspects...
aspect_importance_singleAspects importance for single aspects
champion_challengerCompare machine learning models
create_envCreate your conda virtual env with DALEX
explain_h2oCreate explainer from your h2o model
explain_kerasWrapper for Python Keras Models
explain_mljarCreate explainer from your mljar model
explain_mlrCreate explainer from your mlr model
explain_mlr3Create explainer from your mlr model
explain_scikitlearnWrapper for Python Scikit-Learn Models
funnel_measureCaluculate difference in performance in models across...
get_sampleFunction for getting binary matrix
group_variablesGroups numeric features into aspects
model_infoExract info from model
overall_comparisonCompare champion with challengers globally
plot.aspect_importanceFunction for plotting aspect_importance results
plot_aspects_importance_groupingFunction plots tree with aspect importance values
plot.funnel_measureFunnel plot for difference in measures
plot_group_variablesPlots tree with correlation values
plot.overall_comparisonPlot function for overall_comparison
plot.trainig_test_comparisonPlot and compare performance of model between training and...
print.funnel_measurePrint funnel_measure object
print.overall_comparisonPrint overall_comparison object
print.scikitlearn_setPrints scikitlearn_set class
print.training_test_comparisonPrint funnel_measure object
trainig_test_comparisonCompare performance of model between training and test set
triplotThree plots that sum up automatic aspect importance grouping
yhatWrapper over the predict function
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