Man pages for ModelOriented/xspliner
Assisted Model Building, using Surrogate Black-Box Models to Train Interpretable Spline Based Additive Models

approx_with_splineApproximate spline on data
build_xsplinerHelper function for building GLM object with transformed...
log_msgHelper function to print out log messages
plot.xsplinerPlot method for 'xspliner' model
predict.xsplinerPredict xspliner method
print.xsplinerPrint method for xspliner object
statsStatistics used for better linear model selection
summary.xsplinerSummary method for xspliner object
transitionExtract variable transformation from xspliner
xf_opts_defaultDefault parameters for transition methods
xsplineBuilds predictive model based GLM.
xspliner-packageEasy way for approximating data with splines.
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