Man pages for MokyoZhou/lassoenet
An Interactive Implementation of Penalised Regressions

AdlassoFind the optimum pair (gamma, lambda) for an Adpative Lasso...
convertorConvert a cleaned dataset into a model.matrix
datasplitSplit the data into a training set and a test set
en.robustInternal lassoenet function
en.robust.splitInternal lassoenet function
interactiverAn interactive function for building penalised models
MC.resultInternal lassoenet simulation function
no_split_enInternal lassoenet function
no_split_lassoInternal lassoenet function
OLS.approachInternal lassoenet function
OLS.robustInternal lassoenet function
penalised_predInternal lassoenet functions
prediction_ElasticNetFind the optimum pair (alpha, lambda) for an Elastic Net...
prediction_LassoFind the optimum lambda for a Lasso model
prediction.nonsplit.resultInternal lassoenet functions
prediction.split.resultInternal lassoenet functions
question.adInternal lassoenet functions
questioningInternal lassoenet functions
resi_bootInternal lassoenet function
ridge.approachInternal lassoenet function
ridge.robustInternal lassoenet function
SE.resampleInternal lassoenet simulation function
simulation.adlassoSimulation studies for Lasso and Adpative Lasso
simulation.collinearSimulation studies for Lasso, Elastic Net and ridge
simulation.generation.dataGenerate simulation data
split_enInternal lassoenet function
split_lassoInternal lassoenet function
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