Man pages for Mormukut11/R-interface-to-Python
Interface to 'Python'

array_reshapeReshape an Array
conda-toolsInterface to conda
dictCreate Python dictionary
eng_pythonA reticulate Engine for Knitr
importImport a Python module
iterateTraverse a Python iterator or generator
np_arrayNumPy array
pyInteract with the Python Main Module
py_availableCheck if Python is available on this system
py_callCall a Python callable object
py_capture_outputCapture and return Python output
py_configPython configuration
py_config_error_messageBuild Python configuration error message
py_del_itemDelete / remove an item from a Python object
py_discover_configDiscover the version of Python to use with reticulate.
py_funcWrap an R function in a Python function with the same...
py_function_custom_scaffoldCustom Scaffolding of R Wrappers for Python Functions
py_function_wrapperScaffold R wrappers for Python functions
py_get_attrGet an attribute of a Python object
py_get_itemGet an item from a Python object
py_has_attrCheck if a Python object has an attribute
py_helpDocumentation for Python Objects
py_idUnique identifer for Python object
py_installInstall Python packages
py_is_null_xptrCheck if a Python object is a null externalptr
py_iteratorCreate a Python iterator from an R function
py_last_errorGet or clear the last Python error encountered
py_lenLength of Python object
py_list_attributesList all attributes of a Python object
py_module_availableCheck if a Python module is available on this system.
py_runRun Python code
py_save_objectSave and load Python objects with pickle
py_set_attrSet an attribute of a Python object
py_set_itemSet an item for a Python object
py_set_seedSet Python and NumPy random seeds
py_strAn S3 method for getting the string representation of a...
py_suppress_warningsSuppress Python warnings for an expression
py_to_r_wrapperR wrapper for Python objects
py_unicodeConvert to Python Unicode Object
py_versions_windowsDiscover versions of Python installed on a Windows system
register_class_filterRegister a filter for class names
register_help_topicsRegister help topics
register_module_help_handlerRegister a help handler for a root Python module
register_suppress_warnings_handlerRegister a handler for calls to py_suppress_warnings
repl_pythonRun a Python REPL
reticulateR Interface to Python
r-py-conversionConvert between Python and R objects
source_pythonRead and evaluate a Python script
tupleCreate Python tuple
use_pythonConfigure which version of Python to use
virtualenv-toolsInterface to virtualenv
with-as-operatorCreate local alias for objects in 'with' statements.
with.python.builtin.objectEvaluate an expression within a context.
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