Man pages for MorphoFun/kraken
Analyses for bone biomechanics

af01f18Example of raw data file for salaamander ground reaction...
butterFilteRApply a butterworth filter to data
FinLimbGRFs_PeakPeak net GRFs of fins and limbs
GRFAnglesCalculate angles of orientation for ground reaction forces
impulseCalculate impulse from ground reaction force data
jointAngleCalculate joint angles (in degrees) from XYZ coordinate data
pcsaPhysiological cross-sectional area of muscles (PCSA)
pitchAngleCalculate pitch angle (in degrees) from XYZ coordinate data...
profilePlotRGenerating profile plots for longitudinal data, with repeated...
protractionCalculate protraction versus retraction (in degrees) from XYZ...
removeOverlapsRemove sections of the data where there is overlap
voltToForceConvert voltage data to ground reaction force data
yankCalculating yank for force data
yawAngleCalculate yaw (in degrees) from XY coordinate data
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