Man pages for MrDAndersen/ffwebscrape
Scrape Data For Fantasy Football

add_aavAdd AAV to the Projections Table
add_adpAdd ADP to the Projections Table
add_ecrAdd ECR to the Projection Table
add_player_infoAdd player information to the table
add_riskAdd calculated risk to the table
add_vorCalculate VOR for Points, Ceiling and Floor
aggregate_statsAggregate Projected Stats
calculate_riskRisk calculation based on two variables
cbs_draftGet ADP data from CBS
cohens_dCohen's d
confidence_intervalCalculate the Upper and Lower Limits for Projected Points
custom_scoringCreate Custom Scoring
default_baselineDefault VOR Baseline
default_thresholdDefault Threshold Values for Tiers
default_weightsDefault Weights for Projection Sources
espn_draftGet ADP/AAV data from ESPN
ffc_draftGet ADP data from Fantasy Football Calculator
get_adpGet ADP/AAV data from multple sources
html_sourceHTML source object
ImputeImputing values for missing data
json_sourceJSON source object
nfl_draftGet ADP/AAV data from NFL
points_sdCalculate Standard Deviations for Projected Points
projected_pointsCalculate Projected Points
projection_sourceProjection Source Object
projections_tableCreate a Projections Table
rts_draftGet ADP/AAV data from RTSports
scoringDefault scoring rules for the calculations
scrape_dataScrape data from multiple sources and multiple positions
scrape_sourceScrape data for a specific position from a single source
set_tiersDetermine Tiers by Position
set_vorCalculate VOR
source_pointsCalculate Source Points
stats_by_categoryOrganize scraped data by stat category
weighted.sdCalculate Weighted Standard Deviation
wilcox.locWilcox Location Parameter
xlsx_sourcexlsx source object
yahoo_draftGet ADP/AAV data from Yahoo
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