Man pages for Mthrun/DatabionicSwarm
Swarm Intelligence for Self-Organized Clustering

DatabionicSwarm-packageSwarm Intelligence for Self-Organized Clustering
DBSclusteringDatabonic swarm clustering (DBS)
DeepSwarmingMultiple Swarms based on polar coordinates using the nash...
DefaultColorSequenceDefault color sequence for plots
Delaunay4PointsAdjacency matrix of the delaunay graph for BestMatches of...
DelaunayClassificationErrorDelaunay Classification Error (DCE)
Delta3DWeightsCIntern function
DijkstraSSSPInternal function: Dijkstra SSSP
findPossiblePositionsCsingleIntern function, do not use yourself
GeneratePswarmVisualizationGenerates the Umatrix for Pswarm algorithm
getCartesianCoordinatesIntern function: Transformation of Databot indizes to...
getUmatrix4Projectiondepricated! see GeneralizedUmatrix() Generalisierte U-Matrix...
HeptaHepta form FCPS
Lsun3DLsun3D inspired by FCPS
plotSwarmIntern function for plotting during the Pswarm annealing...
ProjectedPoints2GridTransforms ProjectedPoints to a grid
PswarmA Swarm of Databots based on polar coordinates (Polar Swarm).
PswarmCurrentRadiusC2botsPositiveintern function, do not use yourself
rDistanceToroidCsingleIntern function for 'Pswarm'
RelativeDifferenceRelative Difference
RobustNorm_BackTrafoTransforms the Robust Normalization back
sESOM4BMUsIntern function: Simplified Emergent Self-Organizing Map
setdiffMatrixsetdiffMatrix shortens Matrix2Curt by those rows that are in...
setGridSizeSets the grid size for the Pswarm algorithm
setPolarGridIntern function: Sets the polar grid
setRminIntern function: Estimates the minimal radius for the Databot...
ShortestGraphPathsCShortest GraphPaths = geodesic distances
trainstepCInternal function for sESOM
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