Man pages for MultiBUGS/R2MultiBUGS
Running MultiBUGS from R

as.bugs.arrayConvert to bugs object
attach.allAttach / detach elements of (bugs) objects to search path
bugsRun MultiBUGS from R
bugs.dataWriting input for MultiBUGS
bugs.initsWriting input for MultiBUGS
bugs.logRead data from MultiBUGS logfile
bugs.plotPlotting summary information - intended for internal use only
bugs.runCalling MultiBUGS
bugs.scriptWrites script for running MultiBUGS
bugs.simsMultiBUGS output reader
bugs.update.settingsAdjusting MultiBUGS registry
decode.parameter.nameDecodes MultiBUGS parameter names
monitorSpecial summary statistics
plot.bugsPlotting a bugs object
print.bugsPrinting a bugs object
R2MultiBUGS-packageRunning MultiBUGS from R
read.bugsRead output files in CODA format
schools8 schools analysis
validateInstallMultiBUGSCompare MultiBUGS/R2MultiBUGS execution to results supplied...
write.datafileWrite data for MultiBUGS
write.modelConvert function to a MultiBUGS model file
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