Man pages for NCEAS/recordr
R Provenance Tracking

changeHomeChange the recordr home directory
coverageElementCreate a coverage element
deleteRunsDelete runs that match search parameters
endRecordEnd the recording session that was started by 'startRecord()'
ExecMetadata-classA class representing a script execution with the run manager
FileMetadata-classA class containing information about a file or group of files
geoCoverageCreate a geographic coverage element from a description and...
getDBconnectionGet a database connection
getMetadataRetrieve the metadata object for a run
initialize-ExecMetadataInitialize an execution metadata object
initialize-FileMetadataInitialize a file metadata object.
initialize-ProvRelsInitialize a provenance relationship object.
initialize-RecordrInitialize a Recorder object
listRunsList all runs recorded by record() or startRecord()
makeEMLCreate a minimal EML document.
plotRunsTrace processing lineage for a run and plot it.
ProvRels-classA class containing information about a file or group of files
publishRunPublish a recordr'd execution to DataONE
putMetadataUpdate the metadata object for a run
readExecMetaRetrieve saved execution metadata.
readFileMetaRetrieve saved file metadata for one or more files
readProvRelsRetrieve saved file metadata for one or more files
recordRecord data provenance for an R script exection
recordrRecord, review and publish data provenance.
Recordr-classCapture, review and publish data provenance
recordr_createObjectProvenance wrapper function for dataone::createObject method
recordr_getObjectProvenance wrapper function for dataone::getObject
recordr_ggsaveProvenance wrapper for the ggplot2::ggsave function
recordr_rasterProvenance wrapper for the raster::raster function
recordr_read_csvProvenance wrapper for the R readr::read_csv function
recordr_read.csvProvenance wrapper for the R utils::read.csv function
recordr_readLinesProvenance wrapper for R base::readLines function
recordr_readOGRProvenance wrapper for the rgdal::readOGR function
recordr_readPNGProvenance wrapper for the pnd::read function
recordr_scanProvenance wrapper for the R base::scan function
recordr_updateObjectProvenance wrapper function for dataone::updateObject
recordr_write_csvProvenance wrapper for the R readr::write_csv function
recordr_write.csvProvenance wrapper for the R write.csv function
recordr_writeLinesProvenance wrapper for R base::writeLines function
recordr_writeOGRProvenance wrapper for the rgdal::writeOGR function
recordr_writePNGProvenance wrapper for the png::write function
recordr_writeRasterProvenance wrapper for the raster::writeRaster function
selectRunsSelect runs that match search parameters
standardizeCallStandardise a function call
startRecordBegin recording provenance for an R session.
traceRunsTrace processing lineage by finding related executions
unArchiveFileRemove a file from the recordr archive directory
updateExecMetaUpdate a single execution metadata object.
upgradeRecordrUpdate the recordr database to the current version
viewRunsView detailed information for an execution
writeExecMetaSave a single execution metadata.
writeFileMetaSave metadata for a single file.
writeProvRelSave a single provenance relationship.
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