Man pages for NIVANorge/chemspiderapi
R Wrapper for ChemSpider's API Services

demo_chemicalsDemo chemicals
get_datasourcesGet external ChemSpider data sources
get_formula_batch_queryId_resultsGet results of a formula batch query from ChemSpider
get_formula_batch_queryId_statusGet status for a formula batch query from ChemSpider
get_mass_batch_queryId_resultsGet results of a mass batch query from ChemSpider
get_mass_batch_queryId_statusGET the status for a mass batch query from ChemSpider
get_queryId_resultsGet results of a ChemSpider query
get_queryId_results_sdfGet a gzipped SDF file for a ChemSpider query
get_queryId_statusGet the status of a ChemSpider query
get_recordId_detailsGet details for a ChemSpider record
get_recordId_externalreferencesGet external references of a record ID
get_recordId_imageGet a PNG image of a ChemSpider record
get_recordId_molGet the MOL file of a ChemSpider record
post_batchPost a batch of ChemSpider record IDs
post_convertConvert between chemical identifiers
post_elementPost elements to obtain a query ID
post_formulaPOST a chemical formula to obtain a query ID
post_formula_batchPost a batch of chemical formulas
post_inchiPOST an InChI string
post_inchikeyPost an InChIKey as ChemSpider query
post_intrinsicpropertyPost an intrinsic property
post_massPost a monoisotopic mass and its range to obtain a query ID
post_mass_batchPost a batch of monoisotopic masses and their ranges to...
post_namePost a name to obtain a ChemSpider query ID
post_smilesPost a SMILES string
post_validate_inchikeyValidate an InChIKey
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