Man pages for NOAA-EDAB/LeMANS
length-based multispecies analysis by numerical simulation (LeMANS)

calc_FCalculate fishing Mortality
calc_M1Calculates M1 mortality
calc_M2_cCalculates predation mortality, M2 (C++)
calc_maturityCalculates Maturity
calc_phiCalculates the proportion of individuals that leave a size...
calc_population_growthCalculates the change in the poulation in each time step
calc_rationCalculate species ration, growth efficiency, and size class...
calc_recruitsCalculates recruits and spawning stock biomass (SSB)
calc_sizepref_suitabilityCalculates size preference and suitabilities
key_runKey_Run (Length-based Multispecies Analysis by numerical...
lemansLeMANS: Length-based Multispecies Analysis by Numerical...
plot_key_runPlots output from the key_run script
rochet_GB_foodwebFoodweb: who eats whom
rochet_GB_initialValuesIntitial abundance values
rochet_GB_modelSetupList of species independent parameters
rochet_GB_parameterValuesParameter values used in the model
rochet_GB_speciesSpecies descriptions
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