Man pages for NREL/kaleidoscope
R PLEXOS scenario visualization package

dispatch_colorReturn dispatch color based on type string
draw_chord_interchangePlot a chord diagram showing net interchange
draw_comparative_ergis_barsStacked bar plot of ERGIS ISO generation
draw_comparative_insight_seriesPlot a series ERGIS layout for scenario comparison in the...
draw_densityDraw heatmap of a generation type
draw_edge_groupPlot a group igraph edges
draw_ergisPlot ERGIS generation frame
draw_ergis_barsStacked bar plot of ERGIS ISO generation
draw_ergis_chordPlot chord view of ERGIS data
draw_ergis_chord_seriesPlot a series of ERGIS net interchange frames
draw_ergis_comparativePlot comparative view of ERGIS net interchange data
draw_ergis_comparative_insightPlot ERGIS layout for scenario comparison in the Insight...
draw_ergis_comparative_mapPlot comparative view of ERGIS generation data
draw_ergis_insightPlot ERGIS layout for Insight Center
draw_ergis_insight1_seriesPlot insight-center layout series of ERGIS data
draw_ergis_parallel_seriesParallel Plot ERGIS data
draw_ergis_seriesPlot a series of ERGIS generation frames
draw_generatorsDraw indivdiual generators
draw_insight_parallel_seriesParallel Plot ERGIS data
draw_interchangePlot ISO interchange data
draw_mapDraw background map
draw_shadowDraw day/night shadow
kde2dwTwo-Dimensional Weighted Kernel Density Estimation
load_generationReturn a transformed generation data
plot_isoPlot the PV generations for all generators in an ISO
plot_linePlot a single row from the generation table
stripSmallPolysStrip small polygons from complex SpatialPolygonsData
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