Man pages for NSAPH/airpred
A Framework For Building Air Pollution Estimation Models

airpred_assembled10 days of PM2.5 prediction input data
airpred_clean10 days of PM2.5 prediction input data
airpred.predictGenerate predictions from a previously trained model
clean_hiddenconvert hidden layer representation to vector
clean_model_configsRemove model config file from current directory
clean_up_configRemove current config file
clean_up_statsRemove Statistic file
destandardize_allDestandardize Data
display_configPrint a config file's contents to the console
edit_paramsGenerate config files for all training models
ensemble_config_checkCheck that the model parameters allow for the h2o ensemble to...
ensemble_formulaBuild formula for ensmeble model
gen_configGenerate Config File Skeleton
gen_grid_configGenerate configuration file for use with the grid search...
gen_model_configGenerate a config file for a given function
gen_statsGenerate Data Frame with stored mean and sd
gen_weightsGenerate geographic weighting matrix
get_csv_dataGenerate training data from CSV
get_logit_weightsGenerate the weights for use in the mixed imputation model
get_rds_dataGenerate training data from RDS
grid_searchrun grid search for specified models
grid_to_configGenerate Model configs from grid search results
h2o_imputeImpute missing values using a H2O Random Forest model
h2o_impute_allImpute all specified variables using h2o
h2o_predict_imputeImpute missing values using a previously trained H2O Random...
h2o_predict_impute_allImpute all specified variables using h2o with previously...
implemented_modelsList Implemented training models
impute_allImpute full dataset
impute_all_parallelParallel implementation of Imputation algorithm
list_imputed_variablesList all varibles imputed in the process
load_dataLoad csv or RDS data
load_predict_dataLoad and prepare data for prediction
make_default_structureCreate airpred project directory structure
MLE_imputeImpute varibles using mixed linear models
param_config_checkCheck to see if model config files are in use
predict_impute_allImpute full dataset
print_logit_inputsList inputs to logit used in imputation
print_MLE_inputsList inputs to mle used in imputation
standardize_allStandardize Data
trainTrain Air Pollution Model
train_ensembleTrain h2o ensemble model
train_forestTrain Random Forest
train_genericTrain an h2o model using the generic architecture
train_gradboostTrain Gradient Boost
train_nnTrain Neural Net
yesget a boolean value from the user
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