Man pages for Nelson-Gon/usdandbr
Retrieve Nutrient Information From the USDA Nutrient Data Base

db_searchPlain Text Database Search
get_apikeyGet user api_key
get_food_reportRetrieve food reports from the USDA Food Compositions Data...
get_listGet Lists from the USDA Food Composition Databases
get_nutrient_idConvenience function to easily extract nutrient ids.
get_nutrient_infoConvert JSON data to a simpler data.frame object.
get_nutrientsUSDA Nutrient Database Information Retrieval.
get_report_infoExtraction of data from a food report
nutrient_idsA Curated list of nutrient IDs linked to Pubmed data. This...
nutrient_ids_cleanExtended Nutrient ID data. This extends the ids in...
pretty_xmlProcess XML data
set_apikeySet User API key
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