Man pages for NeuroStat/NeuRRoStat
A rare collection of R functions used at the NeuroStat lab (Ghent University)

CohenKappaCalculate Cohen's Kappa.
corrHCorrection factor h
corrJCorrection factor J
EMbinomFit mixture of two binomial distributions using EM.
GroupLevelOLSPerform group level model using OLS
hedgeGCalculate Hedges' g from one sample t-test statistic.
overlapActCalculate overlap of activation (Maitra's adaptation of...
plotKeyWordPlot trend of keywords in Google Scholar.
SimPercBOLDSimulate an fMRI time series using a parametric GLM with...
tauDerSimonian & Laird estimator for between-study variance.
varHedgeCalculate within-study variance of g
varHedgeTCalculate within-study variance of g based on non-central t
wMeanCalculate a weighted average
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