Man pages for Ngendahimana/sensitivityR5
This package supports implementation of sensitivity analyisis using objects from Match, MatchIt and bmatch

ampPlotAmplifying and visualizing gamma parameter.
binarysens2Sensitivity analysis with Matching, MatchIt and designmatch...
ds_functionEstimating design sensitivity.
dsn_dataSimulated dataset to illustrate how 'ds_function' in the...
edaTableCreating table One
love_plotLove plots with 'designmatch','matchIt','Matching' Object
multiControlSensSensitivity Analysis with multiple controls
pens2Sensitivity analysis with Matching, MatchIt and designmatch...
rhcRight Heart Catheterization Dataset
rubinRules2Assessing the three Rubin Rules.
SurvsensSensitivity Test for Matched Time to Event Outcomes
toyToy dataset for EPBI500 at Case Western Reserve University
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