Man pages for Nwosu/JAN_17_RM_weights
Weighted Rasch Modeling and Extensions using Conditional Maximum Likelihood

data.FAO_country1Food insecurity data for a GWP country (Country1).
data.FAO_country2Food insecurity data for a GWP pilot country (Country2).
data.FAO_country3Food insecurity data for a GWP pilot country (Country3).
data.FAO_country4Food insecurity data for a GWP pilot country (Country4).
equating.funEquating scales between different application contexts.
EWaldtestWald test to check sampling independence under CML.
ICC.funItem caracteristic curves computation and plotting under CML.
PC.wEstimation of the weighted partial credit model using CML
pkg-internalInternal Functions
prob.assignProbabilistic assignment of cases to classes of severity...
RM.wEstimation of the weighted Rasch model using CML
RM.weights-packageRasch model and extensions for survey data, using Conditional...
RT.thresRasch-Thurstone thresholds for trichotomous scales under CML.
tab.weightRasch descriptives and weighted tables.
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