Man pages for Nwosu/RM.weights
Weighted Rasch modeling and extensions using Conditional Maximum Likelihood

data.FAO_country1Food insecurity data for a GWP country (Country1).
data.FAO_country2Food insecurity data for a GWP pilot country (Country2).
data.FAO_country3Food insecurity data for a GWP pilot country (Country3).
data.FAO_country4Food insecurity data for a GWP pilot country (Country4).
EWaldtestWald test to check sampling independence under CML.
ICC.funItem caracteristic curves computation and plotting under CML.
PerformEquatingEquating parameter estimates of a Rasch model across...
pkg-internalInternal Functions
prob.assignProbabilistic assignment of cases to classes of severity...
RM.wEstimation of the weighted Rasch model using CML
RM.weights-packageRasch model and extensions for survey data, using Conditional...
RT.thresRasch-Thurstone thresholds for trichotomous scales under CML.
tab.weightRasch descriptives and weighted tables.
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