Man pages for OHDSI/IcTemporalPatternDiscovery
IC Temporal Pattern Discovery

calculateStatisticsICcompute the IC statistics
createCalculateStatisticsIcArgsCreate a parameter object for the function...
createExposureOutcomeCreate exposure-outcome combinations.
createGetDbIctpdDataArgsCreate a parameter object for the function getDbIctpdData
createIctpdAnalysisCreate ICTPD analysis details
getChronographDataGet the data for chronographs from the server.
getDbIctpdDataGet ICTPD counts from database
loadExposureOutcomeListLoad a list of exposureOutcome from file
loadIctpdAnalysisListLoad a list of ictpdAnalysis from file
plotChronographPlot a chronograph
runIctpdAnalysesRun a list of analyses
saveExposureOutcomeListSave a list of exposureOutcome to file
saveIctpdAnalysisListSave a list of ictpdAnalysis to file
summarizeAnalysesCreate a summary report of the analyses
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